Screw conveyors

In several industrial sectors, the need for conveying fine-grained or small-sized bulk material with sealed machines, generally over small distances, can be satisfied by the various types of screw conveyors designed and constructed by Gambarotta Gschwendt.

Our product range includes various types of screw conveyors used in the cement industry (our company’s main field of application) and in the pre-mixed product, lime, gypsum, steelworks, mining, chemical and power station sectors etc. These machines are also widely used for recovering and conveying dust in dust-filtering ecological plants, in any sector.

The Gambarotta Gschwendt product range includes various types of screw conveyors that can be divided into two main groups, namely:

CO - Horizontal screw conveyors:
generally used for powdered materials or small-sized material to be conveyed horizontally or with slight inclination (which may however reach 45° or more).

CV - Vertical screw conveyors:
used for vertically lifting fine-grained material (also known as screw elevators).

Gambarotta Gschwendt is able to revamp, modify and enhance screw conveyors of any manufacturer and solve any problem regarding handling of continuous flowing bulk material. Moreover, the company is able to supply any spare part for lifting and hauling machines.