We provide solutions for lifting and hauling bulk material

A leading position built on experience and production quality

The strength of a company is measured by its ability to constantly provide new solutions to the market, while solving every single and specific customer problem in a timely manner and offering stable, reliable production quality of an extremely high standard.

This summarises the winning approach that has led GAMBAROTTA to become one of the international leaders in the design, construction and assembly of mechanical plants for lifting and hauling materials, from as far back as 1919.

In all these years, GAMBAROTTA has developed its production capacity while keeping up with technological development and organising synergies with important European companies and research centres.

Thanks to its extensive and specific know-how, the company has always been able to develop machines capable of satisfying any customer request in full compliance with the most stringent international regulations, such as DIN, ISO, UNI, VDI, AFNOR, ASTM, etc. A guarantee that stems from the company’s extensive experience and professional expertise.

Quality Policy

Gambarotta Gschwendt is committed to pursuing customer satisfaction by:
  • identifying and planning initiatives aimed at defining their immediate and potential expectations;
  • planning the design and the implementation of products and services capable of satisfying its requirements, its expectations;
  • transforming the non-compliances detected by the clients into an opportunity to improve and transmit the information to the other processes involved;
  • providing qualified and suitable human and instrumental resources for the development of process activities;
  • providing appropriate monitoring systems aimed at measuring both the level of customer satisfaction and the level of effectiveness of the processes and, in general, of the Quality Management System;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of interactions among departments: sales  /engineering / production / purchasing and making communication more effective;
  • identifying and planning appropriate actions to continuously introduce improvements in processes and products and services, aimed at gradually increasing customer satisfaction.
  • pledging to introduce systematic methods of optimization, such as that of the 5S, to pursue a progressive reduction of waste and guarantee the customer a product of the same quality, but with lower production costs.
  • enhancing the involvement and control of the most critical suppliers;
  • implementing training actions for all staff in order to make them aware, competent, involved and updated with new technologies;
  • respecting the technical standards, the management system and the applicable laws


Davide Gambarotta

"On behalf of all of us at Gambarotta Group, we’re committed to being your partner and persevering together in all the days and years ahead. As we go forward, we’ll make sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas and feedback."