TRD - Drag chain conveyor with double chain

Description:Drag chain conveyors equipped with two drop forged chains that drive the material: the chains are made of wear-resistant steel and include side connecting ribs for linking the scrapers located between the two rows of chains. The machine may also haul medium-large-sized materials. The scrapers, generally in the form of a plain flat profile, are equipped with a rear stiffening on larger-sized conveyors.These conveyors mount traditional spring-type or hydraulic chain tensioning systems that are located in the return station.
Functional specifications:
  • Recommended speed: below 0.40 m/s depending on material abrasiveness.
  • Preferably linear hauling, although wide-radius curves can be included on the vertical plane.
  • The inclination should preferably be kept below 20°.
  • Material may be hauled on both upper or lower runs.
  • Multiple material feed and discharge points may be located along the conveyor; intermediate discharge points are equipped with a slide gate.
  • Inlets fitted with an intermediate partition panel may be used for extracting material: the partition panel must be placed below the inlet, between the upper and lower sections of the conveyor chain, and supports the pile of material to be extracted.