EV-C - Metallic continuous bucket elevators

The Past: Z shape drag chain conveyors  The future:  EV-C Type, metallic continuous bucket elevators (Gambarotta Gschwendt Engineering)The EV-C is a continuous bucket elevator, Z shape, with bucket running on rollers fitted inchains .Advantages:
  • No sliding friction between chains /buckets and casing  
  • Low power assumption due to run on rollers  
  • High resistance to foreign matters in conveyed material   
  • Buckets overlaps avoiding spillage
  • High temperature resistance
  • Buckets made on steel or stainless steel
  • Buckets replaceable for easy maintenance
  • Metallic sealing between the buckets  
  • Multiple inlet feeds for customer flexibility
  • Full dust / air tight  
  • Heavy duty chains for long-life durability and reliability
  • Gentle handling of product
  • Full metallic construction
  • Quite exercise
Applications:Clinker, Fertilizer, Carbon Black, Metal Powders Cereal, Gypsum, Cement, Salt/Spices, Catalyst, Coffee/Tea, Chemical Confectionery, Pasta, Batteries, Glass Cullet