ETR - pocket chain bucket elevator, low-speed bucket elevator, suitable for lifting large-sized material (up to 300 mm and more)

Description:Bucket elevators with two round steel continuous chains connecting the buckets and drive sprockets. The chains are placed on the sides of the buckets to ensure central discharge aligned with the elevator.
  • Acceptable material grain size (mm): up to 350
  • Recommended speed (m/s): 0.20 – 0.50
  • Acceptable centre-to-centre distance (m): 60

Construction specifications:
  • Pocket chain bucket elevator with overlapping edges, equipped with bushings for connection to the driving pin.
  • Drive wheels (with replaceable teeth) to drive the chains.
  • Return wheels with hub and smooth rim.
  • High-grade alloy steel continuous chains with long strands connected by couplings.
  • Bucket driving pin, one end of which connects to the chain.
  • Central feed inlet on idle station.
  • Central discharge outlet under drive station.
  • Standard tensioning system with contrast springs, pair of threaded bars and adjustment nuts.
  • Type of feed system: central.
  • Type of discharge: central gravity.