ESPC – High-speed bucket elevator with single central chain

Description:Bucket elevators with a single chain connecting the buckets and driven by a toothed wheel.
  • Acceptable material grain size (mm): 0 - 50
  • Recommended speed (m/sec): 0.90 – 1.60
  • Acceptable centre-to-centre distance (m): 80

Construction specifications:
  • Buckets of suitable capacity and size with holes on rear end for connection to the chain.
  • Drive wheel with interchangeable toothed segments to drive the chain.
  • Toothed return wheel.
  • Link chain with side plates, pins and fixed bushings, with attachments for connecting the buckets.
  • Tangential feed inlet on idle station.
  • Tangential discharge outlet on drive station.
  • Standard tensioning system with contrast springs, pair of threaded bars and adjustment nuts. Alternatively, a hydraulic tensioning system is used.
  • Type of discharge: tangential - centrifugal