ESP – Medium-speed continuous bucket elevator, with double chains connecting the rear of buckets

Description:The mild centrifugal force due to the low speed causes part of the material to flow off the back of the preceding bucket. Type of Bucket elevator with chains that are driven by toothed wheels.
  • Acceptable material grain size (mm): 0 - 100
  • Recommended speed (m/sec): 0.40 – 0.95
  • Acceptable centre-to-centre distance (m): 80

Construction specifications:
  • Continuous buckets with extended sides in the area where material flows off to be discharged.
  • Drive wheels with interchangeable toothed segments for driving the chains.
  • Toothed return wheels for improved chain guidance.
  • Link chains with side plates, pins and fixed bushings, with attachments for connecting the buckets.
  • Tangential feed inlet on idle station.
  • Tangential discharge outlet on drive station.
  • Standard parallel tensioning system with counterweight. Hydraulic tensioning system also available.
  • Type of discharge: tangential, partly centrifugal and partly gravity discharge.