SPD - Double flap valve

Description: Single casing shaft-mounted valve with two series of double clapets that close in a “V” shape on the inclined walls of the internal hoppers. Used to transfer a flow of solid material, including lumps, with medium and high flow rates, across two areas in which different pressure and/or temperatures must be maintained.Our company has standardised 11 sizes with capacities of up to 500 mc/h, in structural carbon steel (the smallest 2-3 sizes are available from stock). Gambarotta also makes special versions to adapt to existing plant, with electromechanical or hydraulic controls.They are robustly sized valves for use in heavy industrial sectors such as the cement, lime, gypsum and premixed plasters industry, steelworks, power stations, etc.Construction characteristics:
  • Outer casing in structural steel with square or rectangular discharge points and inspection hatches.
  • internal hoppers closing flaps installed in a “V” arrangement.
  • control shafts with packed gland seals, space between casing and external supports and bearings.
  • outer levers connected with cylindrical flap closing spring and symmetrical manoeuvring shafts.
  • drive gear motor with rotating cam for flap opening.
  • safety guard on moving external parts.   
  • movement control sensor.
Note: The larger valves have hydraulic drives controlled by a dedicated electric control panel.