TRLC - Cleaning drag chain conveyor with C-shaped curved axis

Description:Drag chain conveyors for recovering dust that spills under the ends of main conveyors and discharging them into the latter. The conveyor mounts two DIN 8165 Link chains for driving the dust scrapers. The scrapers come in the form of a channel-shaped profile that can also convey dust vertically.  Suitable for hauling fine-grained material at relatively low flow rates.
Functional specifications:
  • Recommended speed: lower than 0.20 m/s.
  • Conveyor comprising a lower horizontal section that collects the dust, a vertical lifting section and an upper horizontal section for discharging the dust on the main machine. The above-mentioned sections are connected by two curves with a pair of divert wheels.
  • The lower horizontal section is open so that it can connect to the side walls containing the dust from the main conveyor located above. A metal mesh prevents any excessively large-sized material from entering the conveyor.